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How To Tell It Is Time To Sell Your Home
Saturday, 15 September 2018, 12:10:00 PM

Most Canadians may find it difficult to decide whether or not to sell their home. You may have an excellent reason for selling your home even if you love the house or condo. This fact is especially true when the house or condo cannot meet your changing needs. It is probably time to sell your home if any of the following apply to your situation.


Location is undesirableHow To Tell It Is Time To Sell Your Home

If your job is in a great location with excellent benefits and your house is too far for a commute, then selling your home makes sense. If you are retiring and wanting low maintenance, high-security community, it may be time to sell.


Size is undesirable

As you grow your family, you may need more room to accommodate the growth. One option is to renovate your current residence. Sometimes this option is unavailable due to space restrictions or lack of available permits for an extension. When this option is void, selling your home and finding a larger one may be your best bet.

On the other side, if all of your children have left the nest and you are left with a seven-bedroom home for two people, it might be time to sell. If you move fast enough, you may proceed to the smaller house before any of the kids decide to move back.


Memories are undesirable

When a person has experienced a traumatic event such as divorce, death, or home invasion, it may be necessary to move and leave the memories behind you. In this situation, it is important to explore your financial status and other personal goals before making a rash decision. You should make sure it is the right move for you.


New Home Tips

Once you have decided it is time to move, you will be investigating new homes. You want to ensure your new home has been well maintained and free from hidden problems. When looking at a new home, look at the following:

  • Fire- The house should have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Roof- The type of material (wood, asphalt, tar, steel, etc.) can significantly influence the life of a roof.
  • Windows- The windows should be well sealed. If there is dust and other debris in the windowsills, this fact could mean extra costs in window replacement.
  • Foundation- The foundation should be clear of any cracks or damage.
  • Wiring- Some older homes still use knob and tube aluminum wiring. This type can be hard and expensive to replace. Some insurance providers will not insure a house with this type of wiring.
  • Plumbing- Copper plumbing can cause issues in older homes. You should also check for leaks and proper water pressure.
  • Yard- The yard should be well maintained to verify it is vermin free.
  • Exterior- You should inspect the exterior of the home for cracks in vinyl, decaying areas in stucco, rotten wood/ siding, etc. This type of no repair can be expensive to replace.
  • Bathroom and Kitchen areas- You should inspect the areas around the tub, shower, and sink to ensure no water damage or mould is present. You should also look around the toilet area to guarantee no leaks are present.
  • Appliances- Some homes are sold with the machines. These appliances should be well maintained and work. Some homeowners will leave old stoves and refrigerators in the home, so they do not have to transport the items to the trash.


When you decide to purchase or sell a home in Canada, be sure to follow the above tips. They can save you time and money. They can also help you with the big decision of whether to sell or not.

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