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Real Estate Market Interest and Growth
Posted on Wed, 31 Jan 2018, 02:30:00 PM  in Marketing strategies
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The real estate market is seeing a very big surge in interest and growth. Many real estate investors as well as the general public are finding that there is a great deal of money to be made in the field and the growth that is being experienced may last for quite some time. Because of current market relations, acquiring one’s own home or staking a claim in the field of real estate can be very easy. The expansion of the market as well as people buying and selling rapidly allows for anyone to jump in and find the home that they are looking for.


Real Estate Market Interest and GrowthThe real estate market in North America hasn’t always been great. It is only until recently that we have seen an upturn from past years of recession and decline. Many people who choose to enter the field find that it can be welcoming and easy to pick up. However, the part that makes it challenging is that it can be very hard to master. Knowing the intricacies of the market can make a huge difference in turning a profit, no matter if you are someone who is new to the field or someone who is a seasoned veteran.


The market fluctuates and there is no surefire way to predict success. However, there are ways to ensure that you have a net to fall back on or ways to recover from any problems you run into. Networking is vital for creating not only your customer base but strong relationships with other people working in the field. Many people do not recognize the value and take for granted many of the connections that they make throughout their careers. However, nurturing these connections can create a safeguard against pitfalls that are common in the industry.


Many people in the industry find that without these safeguards, they fall into trouble. Luckily, it can be easy to acquire connections and make sure that they are there when you need them. Much like many other kinds of relationships, communication is key and it’s important to keep in mind that it is a two-way street. Much like many other types of social interaction, gravitating to places where lots of other like-minded people gather allows for networking to flourish. People can exchange information and call upon each other for favors or to work together to reach common goals.


It is important to maintain a professional relationship and make it clear that it is all about business. Having a number of these connections can be extremely helpful not only in growing your business, but helping others to grow theirs as well. A mutual relationship where everyone helps each other aids in market growth and can be a great way to foster even more potential for revenue and customer base building.


Getting ahead and being successful in the world of real estate can be very difficult. However, with the rising growth and popularity happening in the Canadian market, many people are seeing the potential to make a sizable profit and stake their claim. If you are someone who is interested in breaking into the real estate market or someone who is looking to sharpen their skills, now is a great time to take advantage. While the real estate market can fluctuate wildly, getting a foothold and making connections can be a surefire way to success.

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Plan Your Garden in the Winter During a Snowstorm
Posted on Sun, 15 Jan 2017, 10:00:00 AM  in Marketing strategies
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If you are stuck inside your home during a snowstorm in Canada, then it is a good time to plan your summer garden. Growing your own fruits, vegetables or herbs is easy, and you will save a lot of money when shopping for groceries at the local supermarket. If your property has a backyard, then it is the perfect place to have a garden, but you can also use a home’s balcony or deck to grow numerous plants. You don’t need to grow all of your plants in one area because adding flower beds to the pathways around your home is a great way to increase a property’s curbside appeal.

 Plan Your Garden in the Winter During a Snowstorm

Read Gardening Books and Join a Gardening Club

First, make a map of your home’s lawns and pathways to determine where you can plant flower, herb or vegetable seedlings. Next, borrow books from your local public library to learn more about how to choose the correct plants for your geographic zone. Find a gardening club in your city where there are experienced gardeners who can help you select the correct seeds and seedlings for your area. Call a few gardening stores to determine if it is possible to have your lawn’s soil tested to understand what types of fertilizers to add.


Buy Your Gardening Supplies As Early As Possible

During the winter, many stores will begin to offer an assortment of gardening supplies such as tools, flowerpots and fertilizers. If you want to grow your own seedlings, then it is good idea to begin buying packages of seeds, potting soil and small containers. It can take several weeks for seeds to grow to the correct size for transferring to your home’s outdoor garden. You can begin to fill the containers with potting soil long before planting the seeds, and you can have your container’s labeled in order to keep track of its planting date.


Choose From an Assortment of Gardening Plants

When you can’t find the seeds or seedlings that you want in a nearby gardening store, it is possible to order the items from an online retailer. Some of the plants that you can have in your Canadian garden include:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Bell peppers
  • Carrots
  • Zucchini
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberries
  • Basil
  • Chives


Plan How to Prepare Your Garden for Planting in the Spring

Before planting any seedlings in your garden, you must prepare the soil by digging it to remove the lumps and weeds. You can perform this job with tools such as shovels or trowels, but it is also possible to use machinery for this job. When you don’t want to invest a lot of money on gardening machines, hire someone to prepare your garden’s soil. The person who performs this job can also mix in the right types of fertilizer to enrich the garden’s soil so that you will have a bigger crop of produce.


Have a Daily Schedule to Care for Your Canadian Garden

Avoid planting your seedlings too early in the spring because Canada often has late winter weather that will damage the vegetable, herb and fruit plants. You can plant your seedlings in long rows with a pathway between different varieties, or you can use a square foot gardening method. After planting the seedlings, you must monitor your garden on a daily basis to pull weeds, water the plants or eradicate damaging pests. If you have problems with particular pests, then you can apply organic or man-made pesticides that will control flies, beetles and grasshoppers.

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Tips For Organizing Your New Bathroom
Posted on Wed, 30 Nov 2016, 01:00:00 PM  in Marketing strategies
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Organizing your new home is a great way to start fresh and upgrade your vibe. You can organize as you unpack and take care of both tasks at the same time.

The bathroom is a room you use every day, so it is important to organize this room as soon as possible. Here are several tips for organizing the bathroom in your new home.Tips For Organizing Your New Bathroom

Start With The Medicine Cabinet: The medicine cabinet should be used to store the items you use frequently, such as medication and grooming supplies. Start by going through your items and discarding anything that is expired or broken. You may have done this before the move, but it never hurts to double-check your items. The items you do not use frequently can be stored in a labeled bin to be placed inside the closet.

Divide Your Drawers: There is a good chance your sink has a drawer, and it may be tempting to just toss your grooming supplies into this drawer. It is better to divide and conquer so you do not have to rummage for a specific item. You can organize your grooming tools, cosmetics and other small accessories with a drawer divider.

Tackle The Hair Products: Invest in a smaller plastic container for the supplies such as combs, curling or straighten irons, hair dryers and sprays. Place the container under the sink to pull out when you are ready to style your hair.

Invest In A Shelving Unit: Invest in a narrow shelving unit or small bookcase so you can store items without taking up too much space. The top shelves can be used for items such as toiletries and grooming supplies. If there is more than one person in your household, consider designating everyone to their own labeled bin. The bottom shelves can be used for towels and extra toilet paper.

Use A Vanity: If you do not want to place a shelving unit inside your bathroom, you may decide to invest in a small vanity. This allows you to sit down when getting ready for your day, grooming yourself or removing your makeup. A vanity is ideal for smaller families or bigger spaces because you can use it to store your grooming essentials.

Over The Shower: The key is to organizing your bathroom is to maximize every space. One idea is to invest in an organizer designed to hang over the shower. Use the organizer for essentials such as your body wash, shampoo and loofah sponge.

Over The Door: Invest in an over-the-door hooks for towels and bathrobes. You can also use it for the sweater you plan to grab on the way out, or you can use it for a hanging organizer full of cosmetics.

Glass Apothecary Jars: Did you know you can organize and decorate your bathroom at the same time? All you have to do is head to the store for glass apothecary jars. Use the jars to organize your cotton swabs, toothpicks, bath beads and decorative soap. You can even create a fun vibe by looking for the jars in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Get Creative With Towels: It is always fun to get creative with the storage in your bathroom. Are you planning to throw out the wooden wine rack you used for your housewarming party? You can recycle and organize by using it to store rolled towels.

Moving into your new home gives you the opportunity to improve your organizational system. You can invest in items such as drawer dividers and over-the-door hooks, or you can get creative with a wooden wine rack or apothecary jars.

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Buying a Home? How to Find the Right Community
Posted on Tue, 30 Aug 2016, 11:25:00 AM  in Home buying tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services
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Are you thinking of buying a new home? If so, it is important to understand that the neighborhood that you choose can be just as important as the house that you buy. After all, you will likely be living in that neighborhood for many years to come. The last thing that you want is to buy in a neighborhood that is not a good fit for you or your family.

So, how can you find the right community? The key is to figure out what you're looking for, do research and find a neighborhood that meets your needs. Even if you have already found the perfect home, you should fully investigate the neighborhood before making an offer. Here are some things to think about when researching a neighborhood.

Do You Want to Live in the City or the Suburbs?

communityDeciding what type of setting that you prefer is one of the most important things to consider when buying a home. Do you love skyscrapers and cityscapes? Do you want to be able to walk to shops, restaurants and parks? If so, the city might be for you. One the other hand, if you are more at home living someplace quieter where you can take advantage of nature’s wonderful views then moving just outside of town might be ideal. Some folks prefer rural areas where there are no nearby neighbors.

What Type of Home Do You Want?

Would you prefer a single-family home or a condo? Typically, location is the deciding factor. If you want to be located in the middle of the city, you will likely find that condos are more plentiful. Typically, large single family homes are not as common in the city.

Is the Neighborhood Attractive?

Are residents maintaining their homes? Do the yards look like they are being kept up? If so, this is good news. An attractive neighborhood means that the residents care about it. A neighborhood that is attractive will help home prices in the area stay strong. On the other hand, lots of vacant homes or foreclosures in a neighborhood is a bad sign. They often become eyesores as they deteriorate from neglect. These properties can significantly diminish property values in a neighborhood. Be wary of any neighborhood that has a lot of these properties.

Do You Have Children?

If you have children, one of your priorities might be choosing a neighborhood in a good school system. Another factor for parents might be the number of nearby community centers, libraries, pools and parks.

What are Your Interests?

Do you like hiking, boating, and swimming? Many of today’s communities offer a number of amenities to support almost any interest or hobby. Do you want to be able to hike near your home? Maybe you are an avid tennis fan and want neighborhood courts. Whatever your interest, find out if your neighborhood has offers things that you are interested in.

Is the Neighborhood Safe?

Even a neighborhood that looks nice can have a crime problem. Often, a neighborhood’s crime statistics can be found online. Check out the local police department website to determine if they publish crime statistics information online. Do not forget to look up registered sex offenders in the area. You can get this information by searching the National Sex Offender Registry. This is especially important if you have young children. You do not want to purchase a home only to find out that a violent sex offender lives next door.

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Canada's Lucrative Real Estate Market
Posted on Thu, 30 Jun 2016, 02:30:00 PM  in Marketing strategies

Right now in Toronto and Vancouver foreign investors are scrambling over one another in the acquisition of luxury real estate. The reason has to do with Canada's housing market being exceptionally hot right now, and showing no sign of slowing. This boom started around 2013, and as of 2015, people were making noises concerning its reversal. As of 2016, the current average is over $500,000, and there are no signs of reversal in Vancouver. 

What Pushes Foreign Investors Toward Canada?

marketOne reason foreign investors are so intent on Canada's market right now is because purchasing the right property represents an investment that will appreciate over time, facilitating turnover profit. Furthermore, luxury properties need not be flipped, but can be increased directly through refurbishment in a way that can transcend certain market trends. Foreigners with assets have purchased approximately 25% of luxury homes on the market in Canada currently. Behind Vancouver in lucrativeness are Toronto and Victoria, B.C., respectively. 

Canada has political and financial systems which are, in practice, much safer than a lot of other countries. This has been attracting foreign investors also. Furthermore, Canada is extremely open to differing lifestyles, as well as immigration. Additionally, a somewhat stable energy market is ensuring stable infrastructure; a further security against continuously volatile markets without Canada. 

Crunch The Numbers

Just to give you an idea how much the market has expanded in Canada, consider that a luxury home sold in 2005 for around $2.6 million would end up coming in at about $6 million today. That's a 125% increase. Think of the investor who purchased that home, hired a property manager at $20,000 a year, and then sold the exact same property today for $6 million. He'd make a profit of $3.3 million. The same wise investor might purchase three luxury homes at $1 million apiece today in Vancouver, Toronto, and Victoria B.C., then sell them in five years for another tidy sum. It is very rare when a P.I.G., or Passive Income Generator, can be facilitated solely by the market. Usually renters are required!

An Accommodating Market

Hot markets aren't exclusive to buyers without extensive purchasing capital, however. It's just that buyers with a smaller price range have to look to differing communities. Quebec is amenable to the millennial home buyer right now, as is Ontario and Atlantic Canada. For an extensive list of markets friendly to millennial home buyers, this website has handily compiled them.

A Reasoned Approach

As expensive as the market seems to be today, that doesn't mean mortgages are non-negotiable. Certainly, 25% of luxury homes have been purchased by foreign investors in Canada right now. But that's only one homeowner's market. For those simply looking for a good place to live, there are yet a bevy of properties whose monthly mortgage expenses can be adjusted to fit individual needs. And, when one considers that a market continually increasing stands to add to a property's value, it's not a bad idea to get involved with the right property. Certainly, hasty decisions are usually not good; it makes sense to take some time and do a projection of one's existing financial situation and what its future may be. But in a hot market, opportunities become available that would not be possible elsewhere.

The Future

Currently no one knows where this market will end up going. The cycle has to end eventually; it's not done yet, though. Since it is May, buyers from all over the world are about to make purchasing choices. While Springtime is generally the most busy for real estate markets, there is also a spike after graduation among millennial buyers and newly-emancipated individuals. 

Real Estate cycles take longer than other market cycles do. If you can get in, get in.

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A Home More Valuable Every Passing Year
Posted on Wed, 15 Jun 2016, 02:25:00 PM  in Marketing strategies

In A Fluctuating Market, The World Turns To Canada

Political trends and economic trends are causing a lot of people to reevaluate their strategy when it comes to careers and residences. A great example of that is Michigan, where economy has begun crashing so hard that the state is fast becoming deserted. Between Detroit, the closing of auto factories, and tainted water, people who have established an entire lifestyle are having to uproot and find safe harbor elsewhere. One option that many are considering is Canada, where changes in political and economic climate have currently fostered an exceptionally lucrative real estate market. In fact, in recent years the Canadian real estate market has been booming. According to CBC News, sales are at a record high in Canada right now,with a $508,097 average home cost as of April.

Trustworthy Investments

house valueProperty values are on the increase, which means real estate investments are very sound right now. In a market as hot as this one, many have concentrated assets in real estate successfully. The key is finding a stable enough market to protect your investment over time. Buying into a market that is on a statistical trend of increase is safer than going the other route. Regardless of a market's increase, cycles definitely affect real estate, just as they do anything else. But unlike other financial climes, real estate cycles tend to be a little bit longer. It's the nature of the market; a house is oftentimes designed to be a generational asset. The only people who can say that about a Model-T vehicle are those who kept one in their garage immediately after purchase and never used it. Cars aren't made to last through generations. Stocks, and companies that they represent, likewise fluctuate over time. While a house can fall into disrepair, and property value can degrade, good property stands to be a continually lucrative investment. There's a reason so many reality television shows based on flipping homes are centered in Canada: film studios know the market is stable enough to ensure a good season. Just watch HGTV sometime and note how often the real estate market in Canada is explored.

Markets To Watch

Toronto and Vancouver have been hot markets in Canada for some time now. Meanwhile, Quebec and Alberta represent some of the best places for the new millennial family looking to find a home. For those seriously interested in increasing the value of their investment over time, the Huffington Post paints a picture of Vancouver's housing market that has it doubling in value over the next ten years. For those in the business of flipping a home, now is the time to get into the Vancouver market. This property-value increase is somewhat unprecedented, and seems to be indicative of an upward spiral whose momentum as yet hasn't lost any force.

Take A Tour

Buying a home is a big decision, one that shouldn't be done by the seat of your pants. Don't purchase because you're afraid of missing out. As stated earlier, housing markets are cyclical, and the worst case scenario is you've got to catch another cycle. What makes sense to do now is check through real estate listings in your ideal cities. Find a house that is on the up-swing. Find several, and maybe make a trip to see them. Real estate agents have no need to pressure you in a hot market, and will be more than happy to show you a variety of homes. Look at a few, and see how they fit you. 

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Benefits of Lease to Own Homes
Posted on Fri, 15 Apr 2016, 09:00:00 AM  in Home buying tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services
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One of the hottest real estate trends sweeping the world today is something called lease to own packages. In the same way that rent to own stores let you make small payments to buy a product, lease to own homes let you make small payments to buy a home outright. The trend started during the worldwide recession as many buyers couldn't afford home loans, but the trend continued as buyers found it harder to qualify for home loans. Buying a home through a lease to own agreement has some big benefits that appeal to many buyers.


Smaller Down Payment

Saving money to make a down payment on a house may take you years or even more. Many lenders ask that you put down 10% or even 20% of the total purchase price as a down payment. You're also responsible for closing costs and other fees that add to the total amount you need to put down upfront. With a lease to own home, you generally make a smaller down payment. Some sellers require a down payment equivalent to three months of rent, which also covers your security deposit.


Fewer Monthly Payments

Banks offer mortgages that range in length from 10 years to 30 years. That leaves you making payments every month for 120 months or more. Sellers who uselease lease to own contracts often ask that you make payments for as little as six years. The amount you pay each month is equivalent to one month of rent, and the seller agrees to put that money into a special account. If you decide to buy the home once your lease expires, the seller will use that money and any additional money to pay off the house.


More Time to Save

With a traditional mortgage, you may find yourself scrimping and saving every month just to make your payment, which leaves you little savings for the future. A lease to own contract gives you more time to save. Once you reach the end of your lease, the seller gives you the option to buy the house outright or walk away from the sale. If you walk away from the sale, you can use your savings as a down payment on another property or rent another home. If you want to buy the house, you can use your savings to cover the final balloon payment and take over ownership of the home.


Freedom to Make Changes

When you rent a home, you must follow the rules in your rental agreement carefully. Most landlords forbid tenants from making any significant changes to the property. The landlord may not let you paint the walls inside, make repairs to the exterior or even plant new flowers outside. With most lease to own contracts, you have complete freedom to change the house because the seller expects you to finish buying the property later. You can replace bathroom fixtures, change the floors, paint the walls and even do landscaping outside.


No Bank Intervention

One of the biggest benefits of lease to own homes is that these properties do not go through the bank. Instead of applying for a home loan, you work directly with the seller to buy the house. Each payment that you make goes to the full purchase price of the home. You won't worry that the bank might foreclose if you miss a payment or that a late payment will affect your credit score. Buying a home on a lease to own or rent to own contract may appeal to you more and have more benefits than taking out a traditional mortgage does.

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The Benefits of Open Houses for Home Sellers and Buyers
Posted on Wed, 30 Mar 2016, 08:45:00 AM  in Home buying tips,  Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services
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The process of buying and selling a property can be very tedious and frustrating. One of the frustrations of sellers is too much waiting around and having to clean up continually and taking time off to wait for individual buyers who come to view the property. For buyers, the frustration comes with someone else seeing the property and making an offer before you do. Again, buyers and sellers depend on real estate agents to arrange for viewings, and this can be very time-consuming. An excellent way to combat these problems, whether you are a seller or a buyer, is to consider open house viewings. Open houses have many benefits that are worth considering, and here are some of them.

Benefits of Open Houses for Sellers

The following are the advantages of open houses for sellers.

1. Convenience
It is inconvenient for sellers to keep taking time off their busy schedule to accommodate one prospective buyer after another. If you have a desirable propertyopen and a good real estate agent, your property can generate a lot of interest and you can be overwhelmed with viewings. And if you have family commitments and a full-time job, it can be very inconvenient for you. But, with open house viewings, you can get most of your viewings at the same time.

2. Saving time
You don’t have to thorough-clean your property and brew fresh coffee to make your property smell nice, and keep answering monotonous questions from different viewers every other day. And here is where open houses can come in handy. You can clean your house and get all questions answered in a single sitting, and you can impress your potential buyers en-masse, and this can save you a lot of time and hassle.

3. Increase your chances of quick sales
Choosing an open house boosts your probability for a quick sale. The reason is, potential buyers can gauge the interest level in your property by the number of people that attend your open house, and if they are interested, they will most likely put a proposal quickly for fear of someone else ending up with the property.

4. More money
Depending on the attendance of your open house and the level of interest of the people attending, there can arise a bidding tug of war that will see you getting your asking price and even more than your original quotation.

Benefits of Open House Viewing for Buyers

As a buyer, you can also gain from an open house.

1. Ability to get more answers

It doesn't matter how prepared you think you are, when it comes to asking sellers and agents questions during the viewing, usually, there are a lot of things you forget to ask, and you only discern you forgot to ask some key questions afterwards. This too can be frustrating. However, with lots of people at the open house, they will ask questions and most likely you will get answers to questions that you forgot to ask, or even those that you never thought about asking.

2. Gauging the interest level

There will always be a seller who will smugly tell you of how a lot of people are interested in their property. While this may be true, usually, sellers will tell you this to rush you into making a decision. But, going to an open house will help you gauge for yourself what the interest level is, and you can make a wise decision regarding making an offer.

Open house events are the perfect moment where buyers and sellers can interact and make decisions regarding a particular property. These events give both sellers and buyers the convenience they desire in the property buying process.


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What to Consider before Buying a Condo
Posted on Tue, 15 Mar 2016, 08:40:00 AM  in Home buying tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services
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Investing in a home, especially a condo is a terrifying proposition for most people. It is virgin ground for most people. There are things you may not be aware of when venturing into the condo market. It is advisable for prospective buyers to look into details of by-laws, rules and condo declaration documents with their lawyers. As a buyer, you should not go into a sale blindly but follow the following suggestions closely.

What should you Look to do before buying a condo?

1. Down Payment
Are you able to put down a down payment? It is the initial question you need to ask before deciding on this venture. Note that, the larger the amount you put up as a down payment, the less interest you will pay on your mortgage.

2. Mortgage
Reflect on what type of mortgage suits you. Consult your banker on eventualities like rising rates. Know the total cost of the loan. Some mortgage providers require mortgage loan insurance. Factor it in your monthly budget. If you want to pay less, make more frequent payment. You will enjoy smaller rates and your repayment period will be less.

3. Ask for the Condo Budget
Most buyers never think about it. Demand for one since most associations you are buying the condo from usually give the budget to the sellers, not the buyers. cndoSeek to find out if the budget has increased over the years and for what reason. Has it appreciated due to inflation or a ballooning cost of utilities? Another thing you should know about the budget is the total outstanding debt owed to the association and the number of owners not attending to their obligations.

4. Condo Fees
Ensure you learn everything that is there to know about the expected monthly costs. Condo fees include monthly fees. You may encounter condos with high monthly fees which may turn you off, but on the other side of the coin, it may indicate a well-maintained condo. Condo fees cover things like costs of operating swimming pools, security officers, gardens, and the concierge. 

5. Reserve Fund
Major repairs to the roof, heating, exterior of the building, plumbing and electrical need a designated fund. Part of the condo fees ends up in the reserve fund to cater for such repairs and maintenance. You may want to buy a resale condo: it is imperative you find out if the contingency fund exists and if it is adequate. 

6. Property Tax
When looking to own a condominium, be aware that you will have to pay property tax. The municipality in which you acquire the condo will advise you on how much they expect when you are buying a new condo. For a resale condo, the real estate agent has the obligation of providing the information. Ask for copies of recent taxation documents.

7. Utilities
Things like gas, electricity and water are not part of the condo fees. You will have to pay for them yourself. Find out how you are going to pay, either from the real estate agent or the municipality where you are buying the condo. You may also find out how to pay for the utilities from the cooperation which sells you the condo.

Never make a commitment to buy a condo without being absolutely sure what it is you will encounter. Get the facts right with these suggestions and you will never have to complain.


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Things to Ask When Buying a Vacation Home
Posted on Mon, 29 Feb 2016, 10:30:00 AM  in Marketing strategies,  My services
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If you're like many, you might think that vacation homes are only for the very rich or the very famous. While dozens of celebrities own multiple homes in North America and around the world, the majority of those who own vacation properties are just like you. They want a place that offers an escape from their everyday lives and a place they can visit year after year with their friends and loved ones. No matter how much money you have in your budget, you can find a vacation home when you know what questions to ask upfront.

What Destination is Right for You?
The absolute first thing you should consider is which destination appeals most to you. It's important that you think about the foreseeable future and what the future holds for you years from now. While investing in a vacation home in a popular city that has bars and nightclubs within walking distance might be a great option for a younger couple just starting out, it might not be as great once you have children.vac

What Does a Timeshare Offer?
While looking at vacation homes, give some thought to choosing a timeshare as opposed to a standard home. A timeshare is a property that you can visit once a year or more often based on the package you buy. Timeshares typically have dozens of other people who also own a portion of that property, and those other owners will visit the home too. A timeshare company may give you the freedom to choose when you want to stay there and even swap your home for a stay in another property in a completely different destination.

How Much Space Do You Need?
You also need to consider the amount of space that you need. If it's just you and your partner, you might opt for a studio apartment. Once you have kids, you'll need a home that has at least one bedroom and a fold out couch in the living room. Those who love traveling with kids may prefer a property that has multiple bedrooms or a large shared space that features bunk beds. A cabin that has its own bunk bed room is also great for those who want to travel with their friends or a larger group.

What Attractions and Activities are Nearby?
When choosing a new vacation home, make sure you give some thought to the nearby attractions and activities. The more things there are to see and do, the less likely it is that you'll feel bored staying there. If you keep visiting the same museums, historic parks and other attractions year after year, you'll eventually reach the point where you no longer want to stay there. Depending on the age of your kids, you may look for properties that have a range of activities nearby. Teens might love skateboarding and hitting the beach, while younger kids might prefer playgrounds and petting zoos.

How Much Can You Afford to Spend?
While there are a number of factors that determine which vacation home is right for you, you need to consider how much you can afford to spend. If you buy a stand alone vacation home, you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep on that home. Timeshares typically charge a set fee each year for maintenance costs. You should also look at how much your total mortgage costs will go up when you buy a home and take out a second mortgage. Be smart when shopping for a new vacation home before you make the decision to buy a new property.

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