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Questions to Ask When Selling Your First Canadian Dream Home
Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 03:10:00 PM

Congratulations on selling your first Canadian home. It is hard to let go of the first home that you have lived in. There are memories in the walls, under the floors, in the backyard, and in the kitchen. You have planted flowers with your mom in the garden and cooked cookies for your school functions in the the oven. You have a lot that you are going to miss and that is perfectly okay. We are here to ensure that the process goes as smoothly for you as it possibly can.

 Questions to Ask When Selling Your First Canadian Dream Home

Let Go Of The Things You Can’t Control

There is a reason you are selling your first Canadian home. You may have a new job, for example. Maybe you have a loved one across the country that you need to help. Maybe you just want to travel. Whatever the reason is, you’re going to have to comes to terms with the fact that you are in fact selling your home. It is okay. This process is indeed hard.


Questions To Ask The Real Estate Agent

You will have many questions to ask the real estate agent because you are new to this business of selling your home. You have never gone through the motions, especially with the emotions you likely have toward your house. So below you will find a list of questions you should consider asking your real estate agent upon putting your house up for sale.


How Much Do You Think My House Is Worth?

Never assume that you know exactly how much your house is worth. It could be worth millions if you live in a mansion by the sea with an excellent view from all 14 bedrooms, but your first house probably is not that mansion. YOu should ask your real estate agent what they think your home is worth. They have seen multiple homes in the area and have sold houses competitively because their livelihood depends on it. They will know what your house is worth and what it will sell for. They will also recommend that you be flexible in the likelihood that a buyer would like to counter your offer. Flexibility is key to selling your home quickly and efficiently.


What Are Your Qualifications?

Never be afraid to ask what a real estate agent’s qualifications are. They are trained to be open and honest about this information because it means either the sale of a home or the chance that it sits for a year or longer. You will be able to find this information online as well as in person. If this individual does not want to share this information with you then simply move on. There are a thousand and more agents that would love to represent you, and they will have qualifications that they wouldn’t mind sharing. Honesty is always the best policy when engaging with an agent.


Are You Flexible?

Find an agent that will be flexible with you in just about every way that you could ask for. Ask them if they are willing to meet you at a mutually beneficial time instead of only the times that they proposed if they do not work for you. Ask them if they will be flexible with the fees that they have as well. Any agent that wants to see you succeed will know that you have to be flexible and will want to meet you halfway. If they aren’t flexible, step away and find a new agent.

How May I Contact You?

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