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4 Renovations that Could Have the Best Return On Investment
Posted on Fri, 31 Mar 2017, 03:05:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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 Remodeling may seem like a lot of work and wasted money, but it could actually earn you money in the long-term. The renovations not only make the home better for you to live in now, but the changes could look very attractive to buyers if you decide to sell your home in the near future. Here are some of the home improvements that could provide a good return on investment.

 4 Renovations that Could Have the Best Return On Investment

New Siding

Replacing the old siding of your home with new vinyl is an improvement that will be well worth the costs. Many homeowners get back a significant percentage of their money on this type of renovation when it’s time to sell the property. Adding the new vinyl to your home will increase its curb appeal and attract more buyers. Most homeowners do not think about replacing old siding unless it is damaged. Other sellers will clean it with a power washer. Keep in mind that this is a recognizable feature that should be upgraded when you have the time and money. When replacing the siding, take your time to choose the best color. White can show dirt more easily; taupe is a popular color amongst homeowners.


Install a New Garage Door

Although a lot of people may be accustomed to using the front door or other entrances, most homeowners will want to utilize the garage. Upgrading this feature is one of the highest returns on investment that homeowners can make. You should think of the garage as part of the face of a home; it is one of the first things that potential buyers will see, and it is something that they will take a further look at once they walk through the property. This means the “face” of the garage should look nice, and the garage should be in good working condition. Some of the current trends include garage doors with windows or carriage-style doors. Facsimiles and natural wood are popular amongst new buyers.


New Floors

Wood floors are becoming more popular amongst young buyers, in comparison to carpeted floors. Therefore, installing wood floors is a great selling feature that could recoup almost all of its cost. Oak is one of the most popular wood floors that sellers should install. It is best to use hardwood floors instead of engineered products because those products typically contain formaldehyde. You want to choose high-quality floors that will last longer and remain in great condition, despite normal wear and tear. Wood floors are easier to maintain, which is why homes with these floors sell better than homes that have carpeted floors. Young homeowners do not want the task of constantly having the floors professionally cleaned or pulled up and replaced, which is necessary with carpet flooring.


A New Roof

This is one of the top home improvements that could recoup its costs in the long-term. In fact, installing a new roof could actually earn homeowners more money than they spend on the renovation. Although a new roof does not lead buyers to choose a house, it could be the reason that they decline on the property. The fact is that most buyers do not know if a roof is in good condition or not. However, almost all buyers will have an inspection done prior to making an offer. The roof would need to pass the inspection, and if it doesn’t, the buyer could decline on the property or negotiate a significant drop in the asking price.

When you are ready to make some improvements to your home, consider these upgrades. The changes will not only make your home look better, it will attract potential buyers in the future, offering a great return on investment.

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Windows May Not Appear As They Seem and Doors Can Open Up A Lot Of Problems
Sunday, 15 May 2016, 10:00:00 AM
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It’s often said that purchasing a home is a major milestone for a family, that comes with pride and happiness. In all the organized chaos that comes with the closing of a residential real estate transaction, sometimes the most little noticed, but important issues, go unnoticed. Such a problem is the windows and doors.

Door Functionality
It’s imperative you check all the windows and doors for efficiency. If they’re not efficient, they can become an expensive to replace, not just the doors and windows themselves, but in terms of household energy consumption. A walk through of the home’s interior should show that the doors line up with their frames, and close tightly, without any rattling or stickiness. Door knobs and handle hardware should be firmly attached, twist and turn without hesitation, and locking mechanisms lock, and unlock with ease. Inspect the door frames for gaps when the door is closed. Visible gaps are a highway for cold air to enter during the winter, and exit during the summer. Left unrepaired, your utility bills will skyrocket.

They same holds true for windows. Older homes most likely are single pane windows. Exposure to the elements will crack, and dry out perimeter caulking. When his happens, windows will shake and rattle during wind, rain and snowstorms. You risk a loose window pane cracking, or shattering, and like doors, your heating,windows and cooling costs will swell. 

Take note of the direction of the living, and recreation rooms of the house face. If they face the South, you can expect an abundance of natural lighting, yet the opposite happens if the living room faces the North or East, If so, there may be a significant decrease in sunlight. Are shrubbery, and trees in front of the windows, stopping the sun from shining through? Abundant sunlight brings warmth and happiness into a room. 

Age and Condition
Get close up and personal with the window panes. Window panes and storm windows have are spaced apart with an air barrier in between. A thermal window is a single insulated pane which provides greater energy efficiency. Make sure there are screens in the window assembly. Not set in place and visible during the Winter months, when Spring and Summer roll around, you’ll take notice real quick, if there are screens in the window assembly, once bugs and mosquito begin invading your home.

Window and Door Style
With the technical elements of the doors and windows checked for functionality, look closely at their styling. Are the doors smooth or full of nicks, and gouges? Does the initial appearance appeal to you? Is the door flat or have and engraved panel design? Is is painted a dark color? Is the door paint chipping and flaking? If the answer is yes, then you’ll either be spending your free time stripping the doors, resanding, and refinishing them to suit your appearance. If you don’t have the time, then purchasing new doors become a bit expensive.

Bad windows are a homeowner's nightmare, but homes that have bay windows, and sliding glass door windows have some curb appeal to them. Bay windows add a bit of romance to a home's appearance, and sliding glass doors make it easy for family members to go in and out of the house, and into the backyard for playing, skimming or barbecuing. Invest some time in the inspection of the doors, and windows and you'll feel confident about purchasing the home of your dreams.


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